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Every project and every client is unique. When we start to work with you regarding your document management needs, we not only consider the amount and type of documents that you have on hand, but how you use those documents, how you organize them, and how you ll need to access them tomorrow. This allows us to plan and execute the project with a high level of accuracy and value as well as to design an effective and efficient document management process for you to use going forward.

And once we understand the unique aspects of your business, we can make the best recommendations on how to address your document scanning and hosting needs, both for converting your existing back-files as well as planning for day-forward document generation. From preparing and scanning your document archives, to electronically organizing them on our eCharta cloud document repository, DCPi provides a full suite of document management services for whatever your company s needs may be. We work to accommodate the methods that your company has already implemented and are using in order that we can make the retrieval of your documents on eCharta as easy as possible.

DCPi Document Scanning Services

If the results of the Client Document Review demonstrates that On-Site Scanning is the most practical approach to a project, the scanning and imaging work is generally divided into four successive phases:

Phase 1: Assessment

First, we ll look at the logistics of performing on-site scanning at your facility. We'll look into the proposed area on-site where the scanning is to be performed. We'll consider the proximity to your document repository, power and environmental conditions such as HVAC, facility security and access requirements, hours of operations, and how we can impose on your staff as little as possible. This helps us deliver on our promise to be fully self-sustained and to complete the work on-time.

Before the contract is signed, we'll go over every step of the plan with you and your staff. Every aspect of the project will be clearly defined and agreed upon, so your document scanning project goes as smoothly as possible.

Phase 2: Set-Up and Installation

Our technicians and equipment will arrive at your location. We ll work as a secure, self-sustained unit. Our equipment will not need access to your internal network. Our techs will quickly set-up, calibrate, and run some preliminary scanning samples for your approval. Our technicians will then walk you through our workflow and tracking process, so that our progress can be easily tracked and quality assurance standards can be met.


Phase 3: Production

We then go to work, carefully and securely handling and scanning each document. Impact to your staff and day-to-day operations will be minimal. The On-site scanning will be carried out with the highest standards in our industry. Our staff maintains a sterile work environment throughout the process and routine cleaning and preventative maintenance is performed regularly.

Phase 4: Quality Assurance

The highest levels of quality are maintained by completing a page-by-page scanning check during production. A second review of the scanned image is applied during post processing. All scanned pages will be rotated to a reading orientation and all blank pages will be removed.

Once we ve scanned all the documents, we ll be able to assist your staff in learning how to access their documents as well as how to capture and maintain digital files going forward.

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Daily Document Management Services

Even after a successful back-file document conversion is completed, it is easy to let a new backlog of paper documents build-up if a good process is not put into place. Opening mail, scanning it, distributing it It all distracts skilled knowledge workers from the more important tasks they are responsible for. DCPi s Daily, Weekly or Monthly Document Conversion Service will free them from the time-consuming burden of receiving and processing incoming documents. Simply send or have your incoming documents redirected to a personal Mail-Stop Code we provide. All documents received by us are logged in, prepped, scanned, and then uploaded into eCharta.

eCharta Security and Compliancy Process

By using eCharta your employees will be able to quickly access any document scanned increasing employee productivity by clearing out the unnecessary menial tasks that your knowledge workers must accomplish daily. They will be able to easily share information securely with other departments. With eCharta your employees will always be able to access the documents they need 24/7 whether they are at work, home or on a business trip on the other side of the country.

eCharta provides a complete auditing system that will track each and every document accessed; tracking the time, day and person who viewed the document. Also if any type of disaster may strike, eCharta provides the invaluable service in that your documents always remain secure even if the physical copies may have been lost. If your industry has been mandated to retain any documentation for a given time period eCharta can store all of your archived documents that usually just take up space in storage areas or closets.

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